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What is Pilates? Pilates method of rehabilitation was originated by Joseph Pilates and has evolved through the years to include a variety of equipment as well as floor/mat exercises. There are many different schools of Pilates now but the main ideas of rehabilitation through using graded resistance and improving performance through connecting the body and mind remain. 

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Pilates can address a great many different problems. Functional strength is not simply a function of large muscles. In fact, larger muscles often get “in the way”, impeding performance. With Pilates training, one can develop a strong lean body that is capable of superior performance.   

Another advantage of using Pilates for rehabilitation is that it can be tailored to any fitness level. No matter where you start, your individual program can be adjusted to your needs, so that you won’t feel as if you were run over by a train the day before. 

Because Pilates uses functional movement with all exercises, you will improve your mind and body awareness, posture, athletic or artistic performance, and simple day-to-day movement.  
Pilates is a gentle yet effective way to ease into exercise even with severe injuries, pain, or severe deconditioning. In fact, most people who try Pilates not just for fitness, but as a way to rehabilitate from an injury, become the best advertisement for the Pilates method.

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