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Our Philosophy 
healing hands
Over the course of his practice in various settings and facilities, Dr. Litvinov developed a philosophy on healing as part of the normal bodily response to injury. Dr. Litvinov adheres to a few principles which are generally applicable to most cases. He believes our bodies are very complex and resourceful organisms which require periodic maintenance as wear and tear takes its toll. Our mind receives feedback from and influences all ongoing processes in our bodies. Therefore, concentrating on the physical body alone may help, but only temporarily. However, when the joint resources of the body and mind are combined, healing is not only possible, it is a natural consequence. Healing is a process which works best when the environment is conducive to it. Becoming aware of the source of the problem and understanding the mechanism of injury or dysfunction are the first and the most empowering steps of the healing process. Your recovery is our best advertisement. Physical therapy is not a panacea. Rather, physical therapy is one of many tools to help you heal or improve your performance. We can help you maximize your potential.
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