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Core Strengthening
What constitutes the "core" or "core muscles"?

Depending on the source of information, the answers will vary greatly. We consider any muscle or muscle group involved in stabilizing your torso in motion or while stationary - a part of the core. Recent research shows that no matter whether your interest is golf or weight lifting, ballet or swimming, gymnastics or basketball; whether you spend most of your day physically active or sitting at a desk - your performance benefits from strengthening your core. Your core strength to your body is like the root system is to a tree. The stronger the root system, the more likely a tree is to weather the storm and live a longer life. Core strength is the basic physical element necessary for the rest of the body to function most efficiently. Without it you are bound to sustain an injury.

Once injured or weakened by disuse, your body falls into incorrect movement patterns. Pain and discomfort will change the way you move around, your posture, your sleeping patterns, your physical and mental performance.

To regain control of the proper body mechanics, to restore and improve the strength and performance, a solid foundation is necessary to build upon. This foundation is  core. 

No matter where you start, a seasoned athlete or a couch potato, injured or healthy, we will design a stretching and strengthening routine for your core, so that you may start feeling and performing better on the very first visit. Although we are happy to see you forever, homework is important in order to maintain your strong core. We will give you a home exercise program to follow as well.

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