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Pacific Coast Physical Therapy is all about helping our clients get back on their feet and achieve their best performance. Our treatment philosophy is based in the fact that our bodies have tremendous capacity and resources for healing which can be tapped by using many conventional means without resorting to medications or invasive procedures. Once favorable conditions are created, our bodies do the healing. To assist with recovery, we also have a full spectrum of physical modalities available, including ultrasound, electrical stimulation, iontophoresis, paraffin, biofeedback, therapeutic laser, spinal traction and many more. Our spacious gym is equipped with functional training equipment and our staff uses the latest concepts in exercise science.
We are continuing with our Pilates classes taught by a highly trained and experienced therapist. There are options for individual and group classes as well. Please inquire by calling our main line.
We help our clients with a great variety of conditions. Our services typically start with a thorough physical therapy examination including posture analysis, strength and range of motion testing, gait analysis, functional task evaluation, and body mechanics. Our typical treatment session includes a form of exercise addressing particular limitations in performance, the use of one or more modalities to assist in healing, an appropriate set of manual therapy techniques to enhance and direct correct tissue healing, and client education regarding the physiology of the injury as well as expert advice on dealing with it in the most efficient way. We accept insurance, for details see this.    
ATTENTION AVID EXERCISERS: We are excited to introduce a new service: in-house custom orthotic manufacturing within 10 min! These orthotics are durable, lightweight, thin and inexpensive compared to the "other" custom orthotics on the market. Watch this brief video which explains the process:

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Light Orthotics
Light Years Ahead in Orthotics Technology

To schedule, please call 310-494-1422

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